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Recharge your batteries and find your inner balance

Feeling good and relaxing according to Sebastian Kneipp

"Nature has provided us generously with everything we need to remain in good health."
(S. Kneipp)

Recharge your batteries, unwind and focus on your body to improve your health.
On our farm you'll experience the harmonious interplay between water, nutrition, exercise and herbs while finding a fresh new perspective on life.

Barefoot- and dew-walking, warm baths and water treading. In our new Kneipp oasis, countless applications will help you trigger self-healing powers and prevent illness.
Especially after a beautiful, eventful, warming hike, cold water applications are an extremely effective remedy and provide an all-around pleasant body feeling.

I'm happy to share my knowledge of Kneipp health with our lovely guests. Kneipp health-trainers work with healthy people who want to maintain, change and increase their physical and mental performance.

Your host Margit - Kneipp health-trainer SKA

Private Wellness

We have a very special highlight for the guests of our farm! Each apartment is equipped with its own private wellness oasis: a Physiotherm infrared cabin. As a result, every apartment becomes a special place of well-being.

An infrared cabin session stimulates the metabolism, releases pain-relieving messenger substances and supports the immune system. The strong perspiration supports detoxification and purification. These are just a few of the many beneficial effects of the gentle, deep heat of our infrared cabin, which helps alleviate numerous conditions.

Stone pine for your heart and soul
Pine pillows - for a good night's sleep in your bedroom
Stone pine water - how a stone pine ball can “charm” water

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